Alverius Sebastian C., Contours of the Skull - Скачать книги бесплатно в форматах fb2, djvu, epub, pdf полные версии без регистрации

Alverius Sebastian C., Contours of the Skull - Скачать книги бесплатно в форматах fb2, djvu, epub, pdf полные версии без регистрации

  • Написана: 2014
  • Язык: en
  • Издательство: Gardners Books
  • Опубликовано: 2014

Contours of the Skull

3.6 / 13387 оценок
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Обзор книги "Contours of the Skull Sebastian C. Alverius"

Author Sebastian C. Alverius takes the reader of this largely vivid and detailed journey of a twenty-eight day observation into the life of a monastic brotherhood and establishes the reader in developing his or her own evaluation of true identity and the false self - but not without describing the beautiful spiritual wonder of this austere community located in the heart of the American Southeast. Seeking a new life of fulfillment and love, Rod Scott-Padilla, a challenged entrepreneur who felt failure overcame him in his quest to seek happiness in mainstream society, believed that his only solution left to life following one perplexing business idea after another was to pursue the peaceful world of monastic life of the Roman Catholic Church. During the summer of 2010, he visits several monasteries and soon embarks on a short-term observership program at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, located in Conyers, Georgia. There, he meets and is encouraged to live among a group of unique and intriguing brothers. And while reluctant at first, he soon begins to open his heart and soul to the true wonders of being a Cistercian monk. At first, the experience seemed similar to what he had always searched for - a true calling to a spiritual and gospel-inspired life. Yet, this journey soon takes him on an endeavor to seek out his true self, while he finds himself being haunted by an identity left behind years ago, as the goal to become a monk is eventually challenged by a past thwarted by moments of childhood cruelty. Rod continues on his underlying journey in his search for the true love of God. But only with the help of the other brothers does he soon realizes that his true reasons for being called to the community is not what he had initially thought - but of something much greater and not of anything he has ever experienced...

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